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    He is very professional, explains everything in detail and he makes me feel very comfortable with him treating me

    ~ Lance A Davis ~

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    Meeting Dr. JEFFREY Wong and his staff has truly been just about the only positive part of having 2 Strokes. Where my regular family doctor and my physical therapist was unable to diagnose the extreme pain in my left shoulder and knees. Dr. Wong recognized that it may be from arthritis and suggeste...

    ~ Kathleen Boyd ~

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    One of the best appointments I’ve had with any Doctor ever - he did not rush, explained everything very thoroughly and answered my questions thoughtfully.

    I wish all physicians were like this - he is so straightforward and listens REALLY listens!
    I will be scheduling a surger...

    ~ Del Hebert ~

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    Great doctor. Doesn't cut you off when talking, allows as much time as necessary to understand your needs, and clearly explains his thoughts and opinions. He does what all doctors should be doing. Takes his time to understand his patients before making potentially life changing decisions. I'd recom...

    ~ Brandon Whitfield ~

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    Dr. Wong is fabulous!!! I had no relief, intense knee problems for 6 months+. My primary referred me because it looked like a torn meniscus. First visit, Dr. Wong was totally attentive, informative with a great “bed side manner”- Didn’t pressure knee replacement surgery. He was beyond help...

    ~ Sharon Rettberg ~

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    I just left my post-op appointment with Dr Wong. He is an excellent doctor and an excellent surgeon. I had seen another orthopedic doctor for knee problems that had me limping for 18 months. They are the “top docs” in the county. They told me I needed a total knee replacement and that’s all th...

    ~ Brigette Beisner ~

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    Dr. Wong was professional and compassionate. He answers all my questions.

    His previous surgery took longer than expected but I didn’t mind because I then I knew he would spend more time with me if needed. He and his staff apologized. Thank you.

    ~ Sandra Smith ~

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    I was very impressed with Dr. Wong. He was very thorough and efficient. I was seen quickly. He was very professional. My treatment plan appears to meet expectations. I feel he is a great physician to see if warranted.

    ~ Mark McLaughlin ~

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    My shoulder is much improved since my arthroscopic surgery six weeks ago. My shoulder was causing me a lot of pain, and it felt unstable prior to surgery. Now I have the trust I need in my shoulder, to complete the physical therapy to regain my range of motion. I am very glad I had the arthroscopic...

    ~ Brian Persinger ~

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    Dr Wong is very good at his job. Really easy to talk with.

    ~ Elisa Westelin ~

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